Discover Cost-Effective Digital Media Strategies, Systems, Tactics and Tools To Grow 10X Your Customers, Followers, Influence, Brand and Business In 2020!

This Business Skill and Strategy Enabled Me to Achieve My Goals Faster in 2019 Despite Low Budget in 2019, and Am Sure it Can Help you to Achieve yours in 2020 if you Allow Me to Guide You!

In this digital age where everything and
everyone is online, smart business leaders,
managers and marketers are leveraging
digital strategy and systems to gain an edge
over competitors, position their brand,
generate and convert leads, and grow their

Now, before we proceed i have a few information and questions for you, First, ensure you read this article to the end as you will Discover mind-blowing and life-transforming information,  also i have a FREE GIFT for you but you can discover it only when you read to the end (So don’t be one of those that are lazy to read).

Secondly, i have a few questions for you to determine if this program is for you, and for me to determine if i can work with you,

the questions are;

-Are you a Business Owner, Manager, or Marketer looking for a Game-changer Skill, Strategy or System to automate and drive your Marketing and Business Growth in 2020?

-Would you like Discover the #1 Skill, Strategy and System Successful Individuals and Organizations Have in Common in this Digital Age?

-Would you like to Cut the cost of your marketing and 10x the revenue you generate in your business in 2020?

-Or would you like to become a Digital Marketing Pro, start a Digital Marketing Agency and land high pay jobs or contracts to consult for the big brands?

-Are you looking for a Coach, Consultant and Mentor to train, guide, help and work with you to design and set-up (implement) the Ideal Online Marketing Strategy and System that can be generating leads and driving your business growth on auto-pilot 24/7 in 2020?

If you answer yes………to one or two of the above questions, you need to pay attention to this information as it might be the opportunity you are looking for.

Our Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Program answers and provides solutions to the above-stated questions and challenges.

If you did not achieve all your goals in 2019, no problems you have yet another 365 days, I mean another year to re-strategize and change your method to achieve all your goals in 2020.

I have a piece of good news for you, I have a proven strategy and system you can leverage to achieve all your business growth and financial goals in 2020 and I am offering to help with that.

NOW is the Right Time to Sit Down, Plan and Map out Strategies, Systems and Tactics to crush all your goals in 2020, because, failure to Plan is Planning to Fail says a wise man!

My mentor always tells me that doing the same thing the same way over and over again, year in year out and expecting a different result is the height of insanity, yet a whole lot are doing that.

He will say, look my friend, if you want a different result you need to do things differently you need to try a different approach and strategy, you need to try new ideas and acquire new skills.

In the same way……….

If you want a different result in 2020, if you want to achieve all your goals and dreams in 2020, you need to try a new strategy, a system, and skill, you need an expert to coach, guide and mentor (and work with you.

Someone that will guide and work with you to enable you to achieve your 2020 business goals faster and save you from wasting your precious time and resources on trial and error.

To this end, i have developed a coaching and mentorship program to help Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Marketers that are looking for a Game-Changer ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY to grow their business and brand and achieve their Marketing and Financial Goals in 2020.

If you are in the aforementioned category i invite you to enroll to our Online Marketing Strategies & Systems program (a 1-Month Digital Strategy and Online Marketing Systems Mentorship Program). 

After all, you DO NOT need ANY Educational background, Qualification nor Skill before you can enroll in this training Program, as anyone that can read and write is qualified.

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A Case Study from One of Our Clients

One of our Clients who wasted a whole lot of Time, Energy and Money using Old-school Industrial Age Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age, confided in me that subscribing to the last edition of our Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Program saved His business from crashing and changed the game in his business.

As one of the subscribers to the program, I helped (Coached, Mentored and Assisted) him to set-up and automate an ideal Online Marketing System and Strategy that works 24/7 to grow his business, and before we rounded-up the 1-Month Mentorship Program his Customers and Revenue Increased by 1000%.

He said to me, subscribing to the Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Program is one of the wisest decisions he has made as the Digital System and Strategy we implemented in his business is not only generating more leads and sales which translates to more revenue.

It’s also reduced the money he used to spend on advertising and on marketing personnel by half.

Hence, we are offering you the same opportunity to cut the cost of your marketing and 10x the revenue you generate in your business in 2020 when you subscribe to – Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Program!

After this program you will Discover and Master the #1 Skill and Strategy Successful Individuals and Organizations Have in Common in this Digital Age!

The No.1 Skill and Strategy Successful People and Organizations Have in Common in this Digital Age is nothing but How to Leverage the Digital Media and Platforms to Position, Influence, Market and Sell their Brand and Offering to More People in a Cost-Effective Way.

In fact, the People and Organizations that Master and Use this Skill and Strategy Never Struggle in their Career or Business!

Those who don’t have this Digital Marketing skill, system, strategy nor engage professionals who has it to drive growth in their business are likely to lose ground and struggle in this Digital Age where everyone and everything is online. (Be wise, be in the know of what works in this age.

Chiugo imparting digital skills in a recent training program



I have opened the slot to work with just 21 people and/or organizations.

I will be hosting the training both via Online Course and in a Live Class here in Ikeja, Lagos.


Would you like to Discover Cost-effective Digital Media, Strategies, Ideas, Trends, Tactics and Tools and Mentorship Program to 10X your Customers, Followers, Influence, Brand and Business in 2020!

If Yes you Need to enroll to our………

Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Masterclass

Online Marketing Strategies & Systems Masterclass – is a 1-Month Online Course, Coaching, Consulting & Mentorship program designed to train, show, guide, coach and mentor entrepreneurs, business executives, managers, marketers and management personnel on the state-of-the-art Digital Media, strategies, tactics, trends, tools and platforms they can leverage to grow their business and brand in a cost-effective way.

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Whichever type of business you own or manage, if you know how to position your brand and business online, market and sell digitally in this digital age where everyone and everything is online. Then Driving traffic, creating awareness, generating leads and sales, growing your business/brand, and attracting followers and customers in huge volume will never be a problem again.


At this digital strategies and tools presentation program, you will discover and master how to leverage these digital media strategies, systems, skills, ideas, tactics, trends, tools and online channels, such as;

  • Google search & Display Ads Mastery,
  • YouTube Ad & Video Marketing Mastery,
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy,
  • Copy-writing Tactics 
  • Content Marketing & Blogging Strategy,
  • Customer Acquisition & Sales Funneling Strategy,
  • Online Ads and Leads Generation strategy,
  • E-Commerce Business Models & Payment Gateways,
  • Email Marketing & List Building Tactics
  • Tools, Google Analytics & Much more

The Course Outcome

After the 1-Day Master Class, 1-Month Online Coaching and Mentorship Program attendees shall learn and master the following modules;


SEO – how to position their products or services on Google and YouTube, so that people searching for the products/services they provide shall find them instead of them wasting time and money looking for them.  This strategy alone is a game changer, as you Know Google and YouTube are the 2 most visited sites in the world and if you cannot be found on those 2 platforms you are missing out! You master simple steps, keywords and tools to implement and start ranking among the top 5 on Google and other search engines.

Google Display Ad & GDN – Learn why placing display Ads on news sites and blogs via Google Display Network (GDN) is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach their target audience, drive brand visibility and sales. And how to do it. You may know that online News sites, Blogs and YouTube Channels (the new TV) has disrupted the Newspaper, Magazine and Television industry. And if you are not leveraging Google and YouTube Ads to put your offering and brand in front of millions that use them daily you are leaving money on the table.

Social Media Marketing: will master latest and proven strategies, trends, tactics and tools you need to grow your business and brand with lSocial Media. Plus how to run Facebook, Instagrm and Twitter Ads that reaches your target audience and converts at least 10% leveraging targeting and retargetting and other tools.

Video Marketing & YouTube Channel: how to use video marketing and YouTube Channel and Ads to position and promote your brand and products to generate leads and sales. Video marketing is the in thing now, as it converts higher that any other media and if you know how to leverage it, it will change the game in your business.

Online Ads: Discover how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Ads to drive brand visibility, generate leads and drive sales, and grow your influence. You will understand how targeting and retargeting works and why online ads that are not backed-up with retargeting tactics always fail. The problem many are facing is knowing how to come up with the ideal ad copies, creative, targeting and retargeting strategy that converts. Don’t worry we shall teach and guide you.

Copywriting: You will learn why copywriting is the key to a successful marketing campaign and why many online and offline marketing communications and ads fail because of poor ad copies that neither catch the target audience attention nor arouse their desire. This is the most important aspect of any marketing be it online or offline. If you don’t know how to write catchy and engaging ad copies that converts nor engage a professional that does you are wasting time and money on any advert you run.

Sales Funnel: Discover Sales Funneling tactics and how it works and why it’s very important in all marketing campaigns. Indeed, running an ad online or offline marketing campaign with this tactic alone shall increase your conversion and results by 300%.

Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition Tactics: Discover how to use content marketing, lead magnets and opt-in forms to attract, qualify, relate and convert targeted cold audience to customers and customers to brand evangelists.

Blogging and Vlogging; you will learn how to use articles blogging and video blogging (VLogging) to educate your target audience and position and promote your brand and business as an authority and become more influential.

E-Commerce Business Models: how to use the e-commerce model to grow your business and the payment gateway that works and how to integrate it. No matter the industry you operate in there is an e-commerce and online business model that works in it and will show you how it works.

Tools and Tactics: we shall introduce you to the latest and state-of-the-art online marketing tools and business applications that will help you grow your business, such as; Autoresponders, Google Analytics, Referral systems, Social Media accounts management apps, landing pages builders and many more.

……….Mentorship: I don’t only train on the above, i shall also help, guide and work with you to implement the above strategies and tactics and tools in your business to drive the growth.


To subscribe to this program, please click here;

Chiugo. Pointing you to the Digital Skill and Strategy that works!

Who Am I and Why Must You Listen to Me?

My name is Chiugo A. JOSEPHAT, an Digital Entrepreneur, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP), a Bestselling Author, Online Business Coach, and The founder/Chief Digital Strategist of SSN Solutions (a Tech & Digital Marketing Agency), Founder of TechPalace (an Online Store for Tech Products & Solutions, and the Founder of Complete Success TV.

We consults and manages the Digital Media and Online Marketing strategy and campaign for top brands in the Banking, Real Estate, Fitness, E-Commerce, and Transportation industries in Nigeria and Africa, such as; UBA, AB MFBank, Gategold Ltd, Slot Ltd, Micro-station Ltd, BudgetCab Ltd, Keysytle Group, etc.

I have used digital marketing to grow my businesses and i helps corporate organizations to to drive and grow their businesses also.

I have trained and empowered over 100 Nigerians on Digital Marketing and Online Business and most are doing very well. Am happy doing what i love to do and i like the results i see.

To subscribe to this program, please click here;

Online Marketing Strategies and Systems Program Bundle Package

-When you subscribe to this Online Marketing program i shall not only teach you the above tactics or strategies and how it works, i will also HELP YOU to implement it to generate a better result.

-When you have this powerful skill that is in-demand in this digital age you can leverage it to market and sell any product/service or idea and grow any business and brand in a cost-effective way.

-With this skill you will also land consultancy contract or high paying jobs, because the skill is one of the skills in-demand worldwide.

And that’s not all.

-I shall also guide, coach, mentor and help you to implement the above strategies and tactics in your business and ensure your business and brand grows 10x within the next 90 days after the program.

I shall also help you to;

-Work with you to position and market your business and brand and 10x your followers on Social Media channels and Mailing List Subscribers within the 1-month program,

-Help and work with you to develop an irresistible offer, online marketing strategy, write catchy and high converting sales and ad copies, create landing pages, build sales funnels and mailing lists, and launch an online marketing campaign that will be running on auto-pilot driving traffic and sales on your offering (products/service) 24/7.

-Help you with all the tools and software applications you need to run a successful online business, such as; Autoresponder account, Paystack Payment Gateway Integration, Google Analytics tool, Social Media and Online Marketing tools etc.


To subscribe to this program, please click here;

Which Place and Format Will the Master Class Training, Coaching and Mentorship Program Delivered?

The program will be delivered on 2 platforms; 1. Live Master Class at Ikeja, Lagos, 2.  and as an Online Course, Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship Program.

  1. The LIVE MASTERCLASS at will be held in Ikeja, Lagos. DATE:  Wednesday 8th January 2020. VENUE: Presken Hote, 16, Mojidi Street, Ikeja, Lagos. TIME: 9: 30 am – 3: 00 pm.

2. ONLINE COURSE Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship Program will be kick-off immediately after the Live Masterclass and shall run for 1-month.

#We shall send you the link to log in to your account to access the 1-month Coaching and Mentorship Program when you subscribe.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: both those that attended the Physical Live Masterclass shall have access to the Online Course, Coaching, Consulting and Mentorship for 1-Month.

The Training Format and Materials

  • The Online Course shall be delivered via webinars, videos, articles and workbooks, instructions, assignments, and tests which subscribers receive 3 times every week for 1 month.
  • The coaching and mentorship will be 80% practical and 20% theory.
  • Subscribers will have access to my direct Phone, Email and WhatsApp numbers to speak with me directly, email or chat with me anytime any day to ask any questions or be guided on whatever they want to do.
  • Subscribers will be added to a WhatsApp and Facebook group where they shall network with other subscribers and ask questions and respond to tests and assignments.

To subscribe to this program, please click here;


The Early Birds that subscribe before the Early Bird deadline stated below shall get the following bonus free of charge;

-How to write sales and ad copies and Headlines that arouses interest and converts prospects to customers (Special Report in eBook)

– Digital Marketing checklist Report (PDF File)

-Exclusive Report on 5 Emerging and Profitable Businesses one can start at home with shoe-string capital.

-Social Media management tools and automation software.

-The Early Birds that dont have a website can BUY a DOMAIN AND HOSTING PLAN from our company and we shall Design and Develop (build) a Blog, E-Commerce or a Business Website for them free of charge, for them to leverage it to position and drive their business online, and practice/implement the ideal

Online Marketing Strategy and Business Model they learn.


MY SPECIAL GIFT: Available for Everyone that reads this article up to this point, i want to gift you this Short Exclusive Report in PDF Format, titled; How to Use Social Media for Business. The ideas, strategies and tactics you will get from this alone will make a difference in your business if you implment it right away; Click here to claim your copy now

How much is the Course Fee?

I know by now the question going on in your mind will be How much is the Program Subscription going for?

Considering all the value loaded in this program, it’s a premium bundle package, however, because this program is designed to help SMEs to grow their Small Businesses and Brand from Small to Big in a cost-effective way.

Therefore we have decided to make it affordable so that an average small business owner, manager or marketer can afford it.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: if you happen to be one of the fast action takers to beat the Early Bird deadline and subscribe (enroll) to the program on or before December 20th, 2019 you will save a half of the Course Fee and pay just N20, 000 only instead of the regular N40, 000, but there is a condition and that is if you pay before the EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT expires by 11: 59 pm on 20th day of December 2019.

Note: However, if you are unable to enroll while the Early Bird is still valid you can still enroll but you have to pay the full amount stated above instead.

FYI: the above course fee entitles you to both the Live Master Class at the above venue and date and to the Online Course plus the 1-Month Online Coaching and Mentorship Program.

To be part of this last program for the year 2019, please ensure you are one of the first 21 people to subscribe as that is the number of people we can work with at this time.

To subscribe to this program, please click here;

Better still you can pay the above Course Fee to our account with; Eco Bank, A/C No.: 418-200-3423, A/C Name; Success Strategies Nigeria Ent.

For more details, please call or WhatsApp: Chiugo Josephat  +234-806-829-6897, 0812-871-2390

Powered by;

SSN Solutions (Owners of TechPalace

92, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Opp. MAN House,

Ikeja – Lagos

Tel/WhatsApp: 0806-829-6897, 0812-871-2390


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